The Tasks module allows you to take action on tasks assigned to you by your adviser in order to drive the completion of Goals, increase the progress of your values and improve your overall wellbeing.

You will receive a task from your adviser and can take action by changing it to the below statuses:

  • To Do - A task or action you need to do (start) 
  • Doing - A task or action you have started but not yet completed
  • Done - A task you have done. You can add historical tasks (already Done) to your record.

If your Advisor assigns a task as To Do, Doing or change the status of an existing task, you will receive an email notification. You too will also receive an email notification when you update or change your task status.

Below are examples of the emails you will receive when changing the status of your task from To Do to Done.


To see your tasks simply log into your portal with the credentials provided to you from your adviser and navigate to the ‘Task module’. 

See below for a short demonstration of managing tasks.

tasks GIF.gif

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your advisor.





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