Title: How We Can Help You Improve Your Financial Wellness


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Meta Description: Financial wellness is key to having a fulfilling retirement. Use our personalized longevity and health planner to help us create a more customized financial plan for you. 


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How We Can Help You Improve Your Financial Wellness


Even those who start planning for retirement early and who have significant assets to their name will outlive their money if they do not plan for their out-of-pocket care costs in retirement. 


You’re Not Average


As your advisor, we know you’re not average, so we won’t treat you that way by using averages and actuarial tables to determine your longevity or how much you should be saving for out-of-pocket care costs in retirement. 


Instead of averages, we’re using the HALO (Health Analysis and Longevity Optimizer) assessment to provide you with personalized longevity and care cost projections that account for your family health history, environment, and behaviors. Using these individualized projections, we can better help you plan for retirement and ensure that you don’t run into any financial surprises in your golden years.  


About HALO


The HALO Planner is the fastest, easiest way to plan for a lifetime of health and elder care costs. The assessment takes 5 minutes to complete and gathers the information needed to plan for future longevity and the healthcare costs that come with it. 


You’ll answer questions about your family health history, lifestyle factors, and personal behaviors that can affect your longevity. You’ll also provide information about how and where you wish to spend your retirement. Once you’ve completed the assessment, you’ll receive a personalized timeline that projects your remaining active working years, active retirement years, and assisted retirement years. 


In addition to your longevity timeline, you’ll see your projected out-of-pocket care costs for each segment of life and what you can expect to pay out over the course of your remaining years. 


Your Next Move


If you’re excited about all the potential HALO has to vastly improve your retirement plan, then you don’t have to wait a moment longer to get started. You can take the HALO assessment today and see an overview of your projected longevity and out-of-pocket care costs. We’ll then reach out to schedule a time to review your full HALO report together. 


More comfortable walking through the HALO assessment together? No problem. Call us today to schedule a time when we can get you started on the assessment and then review your full report together immediately. 


No matter how or where you choose to take the HALO assessment, we’ll be standing by ready to dive deep into the results together and decide how we can adjust your retirement plan to meet your future health care needs. 


CTA: Take the HALO Assessment [link to HALO assessment] or Call [Advisor Phone Number] to speak with [Advisor Name]




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