How the API works

The integration from Lumiant to Iress uses the Iress Open API. The Iress API restricts clients and data being synchronised across based on the Xplan grouping of the integration user (the Xplan login credentials that you use to connect the integration into Lumiant)

Understanding Xplan Grouping

In Xplan, clients are typically put into groups that effectively form walls around who can see what. A client entity might be in one or many groups, and a user might also be in one or many groups, but in general, a user can only see those clients that are in groups that the user is also in.

There are notable exceptions:

1) A user can always see the clients they are primary adviser on, regardless of group.

2) A user may be provided the capability in Xplan which enables them to “see all clients”. This will override the group memberships and provide access to all clients.

The Issue

Issues can arise when a practice tries to enable an integration for a user that is not in the same group as a specific client but does have this overriding capability - this will manifest in the user having sight of the client in Xplan but not when using the standard integration. This is why the client records do not sync across to Lumiant. The Iress API restricts the data based on the connected integrated user, so if they are not the in same Xplan group they will not be synchronised across.

The Solution

In your Xplan site you will need to do one of the below:

  • adjust the group settings of the household, into a group that is being synchronised under the integration
  • adjust the group settings for the user under which the integration is connected
  • reconnect the integration in Lumiant with using the credentials of a user who has access to all the groups that need to be synchronised to Lumiant.

Please discuss with your Practice Manager


Please refer to this article in the Iress Community




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