We’re sunsetting Your Wealth to make way for new wealth experiences

On 22 January 2024, we’ll be sunsetting Your Wealth, with the module no longer available on the Lumiant platform. As we continue to modernize our platform, Your Wealth’s functionality is being replaced by capabilities in Governance, as well as two new modules, Net Worth and Your Investments (coming soon).


We’d like to thank all our users of Your Wealth for your continued feedback on the module, as it has paved the way for enhancements in our user experience across the platform. It has also provided us with important learnings and insights that will enable us to continue to design and build engaging experiences around your clients’ wealth. 


How this may impact you

  • If you are subscribed to our Starter Package, anticipate no changes.
  • If you are subscribed to our Professional Package: Accounts connected via Your Wealth will now need to be connected via Governance or our new Net Worth module.


Recommended actions


  • Review how you use Your Wealth in your process and adjust as needed to align with the information provided in  Net Worth.


What’s coming

We want to continue to deliver experiences that help define, co-create, and guide clients to live healthier, wealthier, and wiser lives. With Governance and Net Worth, we enable you to track your clients’ Net Worth and assets, so you can monitor the movement of their net position. 


However, we also understand that clients want to be able to gain an understanding of their investments. To that end, we’re currently in the process of designing and developing a new Investments module. This module will provide you and your clients with a summary of key portfolio information in an easy-to-digest manner. 


With Net Worth, Investments, and Governance, clients will have a complete view of their wealth. When combined with their values and health, advisors will be able to define, co-create and guide clients to living their best lives. 


While we don’t take sunsetting services lightly, we believe that the updated modules and surveys will provide an enhanced wealth experience. For additional assistance or potential questions, feel free to visit our support center or contact your customer success representative.


Kind regards,

The Lumiant Team




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