How to Address a Broken Yodlee Link

Within Lumiant's Governance and Net Worth module, both advisors and clients can identify and address issues related to broken links with Yodlee.

A broken link may occur when a client has connected their data from Yodlee to Lumiant, and the link has been disrupted due to various reasons such as consent period expiration, password updates for their financial institutions, or connection errors.

Recognising Broken Links

A green link icon in the Net Worth and Governance sections signifies connections to Yodlee, Tamarac, or Xplan. A red, broken link indicates a disconnection from external integration, signalling the absence of a live feed.

Fixing the Feed

To re-establish the connection:

  • Identify the asset or liability displaying the broken link.
  • Click on "Fix Link."

This action will navigate the user to the "Relink Your Accounts" page, where they can quickly reconnect the institution.

Understanding the Red, Broken Link Indicator

Including the red, broken link icon is essential as it alerts both advisors and clients about the disconnection from external integrations, highlighting that the feed is no longer live. This prompts immediate action to re-establish the connection.




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