This guide will help to resolve confusion and guide advisors and their clients on addressing errors encountered during data feed connections via Yodlee in Your Governance.

Understanding the Issue: When clients receive an error while connecting data feeds, they might see a vague technical error message that can be misleading. Often, this error occurs during the connection phase to the institution's site. Despite the appearance, this isn't necessarily a fault on Lumiant's end. Clients may mistakenly attribute it to Lumiant and escalate the issue.

Resolution Steps:

  1. Recognize the Error:

    • Users may encounter a technical error message during data feed connection attempts.
  2. Clarification on Error Source:

    • Understand that Lumiant does not cause this error but occurs during the connection process to the bank's or financial institution's site.
  3. Raising a Support Ticket:

    • If an end client reports the issue directly or through an adviser/support, practice staff should raise a support ticket on their behalf.
  4. Engaging Lumiant Support:

    • Lumiant's Support team needs to be notified. They will engage with Yodlee to report the issue.
  5. Yodlee Investigation Timeline:

    • Yodlee requires 5-6 days for investigation post raising the issue. They will respond after the investigation.
  6. Open Banking Challenges:

    • Due to ongoing developments in open banking, errors during connection attempts are common as financial institutions work toward readiness.
  7. Reporting Other Errors:

    • For any other encountered errors, users should promptly report them to our Support team, who will engage with Yodlee for investigation.

To swiftly resolve errors during data feed connections via Yodlee, don't hesitate to raise a support ticket. We're here, dedicated to investigating and guiding you every step of the way!




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