We recognize that not all clients are tech-savvy. One common objection advisors may encounter is that clients feel unease or lack the necessary electronic devices to complete the assessment.

To address this concern, consider utilizing the PDF version of HALO. This option eliminates the reliance on technology, potentially making clients more comfortable with the assessment process.

There are two effective ways to use the HALO PDF with a client:

  • Option 1: Have the client fill out the PDF independently and send it back to you.

  • Option 2: Conduct an interactive session with the client, asking them questions while you complete the form on their behalf.

After obtaining the client's responses, you can run the HALO Assessment on their behalf, generating a personalized HALO assessment for their review.

Next Steps:

Attached to this guide, you'll find the HALO PDF for your convenience. Feel free to choose the method that best suits your client's comfort level.

This flexible approach ensures that even clients facing technological constraints can benefit from the valuable insights provided by HALO.

For any further assistance or clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to our HALO support




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