At times, it might be necessary to create a client directly in Lumiant and connect them to an existing integration, bypassing the waiting period for automatic synchronization.

Steps to Link the Client to Your Integration:

  1. Create the Client in Lumiant:

    • Generate the client profile within Lumiant.
  2. Create the Client in Xplan/Salesforce:

    • Note down the External ID associated with this client.
  3. Copy External ID to Lumiant:

    • Access the Household details section in Lumiant.
    • Search and locate the client within the household workbench.
    • Click on "Household details."
    • Select the edit option (the pencil icon).
    • Navigate to the external system and pick the correct external system.
    • Input the External ID obtained from Xplan/Salesforce.
    • Save the changes.
  4. Repeat for Spouse (if applicable):

    • Follow the same steps for the spouse in a joint household scenario.

Note: If there are any client duplications or a need to merge households, contact our support team by initiating a support request within the platform. Click on the Life ring icon and select "Ask for help."


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