This guide will take you through creating and comparing Best Life scenarios for your clients. 

1. Start from the Best Life Base Case: Begin with the base case scenario; you can learn more about this here:

  • Accessing Trade-offs: Navigate to trade-offs to make detailed financial adjustments.

 2. Adding New Scenarios:

  • Clone Default Prediction: Click the plus key to add a new scenario.
  • Select New Default: Choose a different default projection to work from.

3. Naming Your Scenario:

  • Scenario Identification: Give the scenario a unique name for easy reference.
  • Reference model (Growth/Defensive): Select the correct risk group. 

4. Comparing Scenarios:

  • Comparison Tool: Use the plus button and compare projections to analyze different scenarios.
  • Toggle and Analyze: Toggle scenarios, run a comparison, and analyze the outcomes.

To watch this in action, see more below:




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