We are excited to announce our latest feature, Foundations, designed to revolutionize the way you work with Lumiant. Foundations is a stripped-back version of our Governance survey, allowing high-level data capture that all feeds back to Governance. Foundations is a powerful tool that will allow you to choose either a Short or Long survey option, helping to accelerate what you need and allowing you to achieve flexibility in the Client’s Onboarding and Fact Finding process. 

Key Features

  • Control the Prospect’s experience so the Advisor is not overwhelming the client with information that is not necessary
  • The Client feels like the Advisor is only asking for what is necessary for future meetings
  • Select the amount of information the Advisor wants Prospect to fill out via Short or Long Survey
  • Have any data feed the Governance Module so the Advisor can expand on it during the strategy meeting or as the advice experience progresses
    • The Advisor can then fill out the finer details required for the financial plan during their time with the client or
    • The Advisor can send the Governance survey in between the discovery & strategy meetings so the client can expand on the already collected detail without having to re-visit old ground
  • Client will feel comfortable giving the right amount of information
  • The financial details collected via the Foundations survey will help to identify if a client is the right for the Advisor or someone else in the business
  • Email notification will be sent to Advisor when a Prospect finishes the survey


Lumiant's new feature, Foundations, transforms client-advisor interactions. It allows clients to share essential financial details upfront, ensuring advisors have relevant information to make meetings truly beneficial. Clients can provide basic information initially, making the process comfortable, especially if they are uncertain about proceeding. During meetings, clients witness their data being meaningfully utilized, enhancing the overall experience. Importantly, if more information is needed, clients are spared the hassle of repeating their story or entering data twice, streamlining communication. Foundations revolutionizes financial consultations, fostering personalized, efficient, and client-centric interactions.

What data can I capture with Foundations 

Below is the difference between the Long and Short Survey.

The Long Survey captures more information, whereas the Short Survey captures a more condensed version. 

Long Survey Short Survey
  • Personal Details
  • DOB Both Partners
  • Family Members
  • Employment Status  Both Partners
  • Businesses or Trusts
  • Gross Annual Income  Both Partners
  • Assets - Financial
  • Desired Retirement Age Both Partners
  • Assets - Lifestyle
  • Household Spending Per Month
  • Liabilities
  • Monthly Retirement Spending Needs
  • Income
  • Investable Assets
  • Expenses
  • Insurance
  • Estate planning


How do I send a Foundations Survey? 

To explore the potential of Foundations and transform the way you work, follow the steps below: 

  1. Login with Credentials 
  2. Click on a Client in the workbench.
  3. Check the Foundations box under Surveys.
  4. Click on the “slider” icon at the end of the Foundations survey row. (See Screenshot below)
  5. The default is the Short Survey. Toggle the switch on or off for the Short or Long survey, as seen in the screenshot below.
  6. Create and copy the survey link.
  7. Share this link with your client to complete by embedding this into your email template. 


See Foundations in action. 

 Introducing the Foundations short and long survey and how to create a survey link.


Introducing the difference between short and long surveys and the level of detail captured.

Future Vision:

In the future version (Best Life v2), Foundations information will seamlessly integrate with the platform, pre-populating a "Best Life" scenario for advisors to use in their discovery meetings, enhancing the overall advisory process.




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