At Lumiant, we have introduced a powerful new feature that allows you to extract client data from Governance into a CSV file effortlessly. This feature empowers Practices and Advisors by providing the flexibility to export a client's governing details into a convenient file format. 

This CSV export functionality enables seamless integration of client data with other technologies or providers, enhancing your ability to deliver a superior client experience.

To Export a CSV for Your Client, Follow These Steps:

  1. Login as an Advisor: Begin by accessing Lumiant with your Advisor credentials.
  2. Search for the Client You Wish to Work With: Navigate to the client you want to extract Governance data. You can easily find clients using Lumiant's search functionality.
  3. Click on the Ellipses (Dots): Locate the ellipses (dots) at the end of the client's entry in the client list. Click on this menu to reveal additional options.
  4. Select 'Export Governance CSV': From the menu options, choose 'Export Governance CSV.'
  5. Download as a Zip Folder: Lumiant will generate a zip folder containing separate CSV files for various governance sections.


By following these straightforward steps, Advice Professionals can effortlessly harness the power of this data extraction feature. The extracted CSV files can be efficiently utilised to upload or enter data to other technologies, further streamlining your support for a seamless client experience.

With Lumiant's CSV export feature, you have the tools you need to manage client data and enhance your advisory services efficiently. 

Additional Resources

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