This guide will take you through segmenting your clients in Lumiant with a bulk change. 

Client segmentation

Client Segmentation in Lumiant allows you to customise module usage for your client experience, tailor Lumiant experiences based on client segments, and ensure a purposeful and fitting client portal presentation, optimising interactions with tailored experiences.

Learn more about How to segment your clients in Lumiant. 

To bulk upload your Client segmentation 

To aid you in uploading your existing client segmentation to your clients in Lumiant.

  1.  Practice Manager to raise a request to their Customer Success Manager or Lumiant Support team 
  2. Support ticket will be created to manage the client segmentation bulk change request
  3. Lumiant support will generate a CSV file for the Practice client base including; Household ID, Client name/s, Segment
  4. Lumiant Support will send the CSV file to the Practice Manager via the Support ticket 
  5. The Practice Manager can now create the required client segmentation within the Lumiant platform via the practice settings
  6.  Practice Manager to update CSV to match the segments
  7. Practice manager to then send back the CSV file via the Support ticket
  8. Lumiant Support team will then manage the request and confirm if the data is complete and correct
  9. Should any details need updating the Support team will liaise with the Practice Manager to remediate error. 
  10. If all the data is complete and correct the upload will be actioned and the Lumiant Support team will notify the Practice Manager through the existing support ticket. 

Further reading: Learn more about How to segment your clients in Lumiant. 

For additional questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager or our Lumiant Support team





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