Our Key Advice Areas module allows Advice Professionals to demonstrate the value of their advice by linking clients' values and goals to the strategies and tasks you're working on to help them achieve their best life. 


The Key Advice Areas module is loaded with Default Key Advice Areas within the client dashboard.




When you activate a key area, you can add the strategies you're working on for a client underneath. Some are pre-loaded for you but you can configure your own within your practice settings, see details below. 



When you add a strategy, you can set a progress score,start and end dates and a amount. You will then update the progress bar every review meeting so that the client can see that they are progressing over time. 

Next, you're able to link strategies to the goals you are going to help the client achieve. The goals that are in the platform will link to the values that those goals are helping a client achieve, and you'll also be able to leave a task for them.



Practice Configurations

The default strategies and key advice areas are configurable per practice. 

To configure, click on settings (cog icon)> Select Key advice areas. Here the Practice manager can:

  • Add a Key advice area
  • Edit key advice names and description
  • Edit and delete assigned strategies 
  • Add a strategy

Once these settings are set this will then flow through to the Key advice areas module. 





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