Your Net Worth is available to our Professional package users. 

Your Net Worth offers you the ability to:

  • Track your clients’ Net Worth to gauge the impact of your advice.
  • Monitor the expected movement of their net position.
  • Establish a baseline for measuring long-term success.
  • Engage clients while assessing their financial progress.

Working with Your Net Worth

  • Interact with a client’s Net Worth using an interactive table that allows you to update, edit and add data directly from Net Worth.
  • Access crucial information needed to make informed decisions.
  • Use it alongside the Lumiant wellbeing score for a holistic client overview.
  • Export a client balance sheet from meetings for a comprehensive review.

Key Features

  1. Top-Level Filtering: Filter household Net Worth by client or entity for focused insights.
  2. Net Worth Timeline Graph: Track monthly Net Worth changes, offering a detailed view over time. Filter time periods for an even more specific view over time.
  3. Net Worth Details Table: Acts as a digital Net Worth statement breaking down the assets and liabilities contributing to your client’s Net Worth in an easy to understand table.
  4. PDF Export Button: Allows the Net Worth table to be exported as a PDF using your business colours and logo (if whitelabelling is activated) so you can email or print for your client as a key deliverable. 
  5. Dashboard Widget: Provides a summarised view of a client's Net Worth on their dashboard. See how they’re tracking at a glance in line with their wellbeing, values, and life metrics. 
  6. Integration Indicators: Net Worth presents a link icon to denote connections to Yodlee, Tamarac, or Xplan. A red, broken link signals disconnection from external integration, indicating the absence of live feed.
  7. Direct Management of Details: Easily verify, rectify, or supplement assets/liabilities within the Net Worth module, either manually or by integrating with Yodlee, Tamara, or Xplan.
  8. Engaging Functionality: Advisers can engage with Net Worth directly, eliminating the necessity to navigate back to the Governance module for editing assets and liabilities, ensuring smoother workflow.
  9. Synchronized Governance Data: Any modifications made within the Net Worth module instantly update the associated governance information, ensuring consistency across the platform.
  10. Timestamp for Updates: Updated timestamp to pinpoint the latest data capture or feed update for accurate referencing.
  11. Uniform Naming Conventions: Net Worth adopts the same naming conventions as Governance tiles, ensuring coherence and clarity in information across both modules.
  12. Improved UI/Design: The redesigned table interface provides at-a-glance visibility of assets, liabilities, and crucial details, minimizing the need for deeper clicks to access information.
  13. Effective Filtering Capabilities: Utilize Net Worth filters to refine details across personal and entity assets, enabling precise scrutiny of financial data.
  14. Enhanced Download Feature: Ability to download raw feed files directly from connected accounts like Yodlee for comprehensive analysis or record-keeping.
  15. Accurate Net Worth Representation: The displayed topline Net Worth figure represents the complete numerical value for precision (e.g., $200,000 instead of $200k), ensuring accurate financial depiction.

Additional Information

  • Net Worth data pulls from the governance module, ensuring accurate representation.
  • For clients who link their data, Net Worth will include live bank account details like savings accounts, term deposits, credit cards, mortgages, insurance, and other credit facilities.
  • Allows addition of assets and liabilities for a holistic Net Worth picture in one place.

Take a look below at the power of Net Worth!




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