With Your Net Worth you will be able to:

  • Track your clients net worth to see the impact of your advice
  • Check if their net position is moving up or down as expected
  • Set a baseline with clients to measure success over time and;
  • Engage clients while measuring financial progress.

In this module you will see the right information required to make the right decisions! You can use this in conjunction with Lumiant wellbeing score to provide a holistic picture of client success, while also exporting a client balance sheet as a key deliverable from client meetings. 


Key Net Worth features

  • Top Level Filtering - meaning you can filter the household net worth by client or entity
  • Net Worth Timeline Graph -  capturing household net worth each month so your client can track their progress over time. The Graph also has the ability to filter time periods for an even more specific view over time
  • The Net Worth Details Table - acts as a digital net worth statement breaking down the assets and liabilities contributing to your client’s net worth in a simple to understand table
  • The Net Worth table export pdf button - Allows the Net Worth table to be exported as a pdf using your business colours and logo (if whitelabelling activated) so you can email or print for your client as a key deliverable.
  • Dashboard widget - The Net Worth summary widget will also be included on the client dashboard summary. This Summarizes your clients net worth so they can see how they’re tracking at a glance in line with all their wellbeing, values and life metrics. 
All Net Worth Data pulls from the Your Governance module meaning clients who link live bank account details can get their most accurate net worth. This includes savings accounts, term deposits, credit cards, mortgages and other credit facilities, and insurances. Where data feeds aren't linked through, you can also add assets like homes and liabilities so you build the real picture of net worth, all in one place!
Take a look below at the power of Net Worth!
Net Worth: 



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