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With Client Segmentation, you will be able to

  • Control which modules you use as part of your client experience. Giving you the ability to keep those used frequently on and switch those off that are not being used as part of your client experience.
  • Set different Lumiant experiences for different client segments, for example:
    • Lower value segments have more surveys available to them, so advisors can get the client to self-complete more of the experience prior to their meeting
    • Higher value segments have fewer surveys in their experience, so advisors aren’t able to send these prior to a meeting, completing the actions required with a client in the meeting instead.
  • Be in control of your Practices and ideal Lumiant experience and tailor this to your clients and their needs. 
  • Give your clients confidence that everything you do together has a purpose and fits their ideal life so the client recognises the information presented in their portal. 

Client segmentation in Lumiant ensures that Practice Managers can optimize their interactions with clients based on their value segments and ideal Lumiant experience, providing tailored experiences that best suit each client's needs and preferences.

Key Client Segmentation Features:

  • Practice managers have complete control over client segments in the Practice settings -> Client segmentation tab. They can add, view, edit, and delete segments as needed.
  • Practice managers can customize client experiences by turning on or off specific modules for each client segment, ensuring tailored interactions.
  • In the Workbench, practice team members can easily see the designated client segments for each client, facilitating efficient client management.
  • Clients' experiences can be personalized by assigning them to the appropriate segment directly from the Workbench. This can be done by clicking on the three action dots at the end of a household, selecting Client segmentation, and assigning the desired segmentation.
  • The system allows users to filter households based on their segments using the client filter, making it effortless to work with specific client segments according to their requirements.

To see this in action, watch the short video below:

Otherwise, navigate to the Practice Settings by clicking on the cog on the top right and follow the steps below: 

1. Navigate to Client segments and set up your segments and the applicable modules and surveys. 

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2. Assign your household to a segment using the three action dots> Client segments and assign a segment. 

3. Filter your clients by their segmentation using the Filer. 


 Further reading: 

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