With technology evolving, client expectations expanding, and product offerings looking more alike across firms, it’s increasingly critical for advisors to capitalize on every opportunity to strengthen and deepen relationships with existing clients. It’s equally as important to add technological capabilities that will appeal to new clients.

One such opportunity may be right under advisors’ noses. Due to significant demographic shifts that are adding years or even decades to clients’ post-career lives the nature of retirement has fundamentally changed. This is an opportunity for advisors who are looking to stay on the cutting edge. 

Advanced Action Step: After clients take the HALO assessment, review the expanded longevity projections to see what your clients’ probability of living to different ages in the future out to age 110.

A recent article on provides insights into how advisors are provided another outstanding opportunity to differentiate themselves by helping clients plan for longevity in retirement. 


Conversation Starter:

To prepare your clients for a conversation on longevity and what that means for their retirement, ask them this question:

Do you think you’ll live to be 100? If you do, what do you envision you’ll be doing when you cross that milestone?


Final Thoughts: 

Knowing that the longevity outlook is extending for many clients and understanding that it will change the landscape of retirement is a great first step but taking action on that information is what will help your business and your clients thrive well into the future.




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