Halo Value Proposition for Advisors: Unlocking Personalized and Engaging Financial Planning

With the Halo assessment, advisors gain a powerful tool to differentiate themselves in the planning landscape. While many rely on standard planning software, Halo stands out by offering a digital experience that engages clients and prospects alike, whether in person or remotely. By leveraging the latest trends in wealth management, such as longevity planning and financial wellness, Halo empowers advisors to deliver personalized plans that go beyond actuarial assumptions. Clients witness their advisor tailoring their financial plan to incorporate their unique longevity data, making it more relatable and prompting further customization. This personalized approach creates an "ah-ha" moment for clients, fostering a realistic understanding of their future health and enabling more receptive and meaningful conversations. With Halo, advisors can elevate their practice by treating clients as individuals, not just averages, and providing a truly exceptional planning experience.




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