Effectively informing you clients about HALO plays a pivotal part in the HALO process.
One approach to introduce HALO to your clients is by emailing them a link to the HALO
assessment. We are providing you with a sample email template that advisors can use
with their existing and prospect clients.
The sample email is template is below:
Dear <Client Name>,
We recently got access to a Health Care Assessment (HALO) that helps our clients
understand the impact of health on their retirement years and estimates the costs of
future health care needs. Given that we’ve already worked on a Financial Plan I feel this
will add value to our planning efforts, and HALO will only take a few minutes to fill out.
You will get a summary, and then the full report will get emailed to me and then I’ll
forward them to you for discussion. Below is a summary of HALO:
Health and care costs are some of the biggest unknowns in retirement planning. Most
advisors base their estimates on the average person, but no client is average. That’s why
we use HALO - the Health Analysis and Longevity Optimizer.
HALO brings science to our health and care cost projections. Just take the quick, five-
minute assessment, and we’ll get the personalized projections we need to make sure
you enjoy a healthy retirement.
Click the link below, then after you take the assessment, we’ll talk through the results,
<insert HALO link here>
Call me if you have any questions!
<Advisor Name>



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