The purpose of this document is to outline Lumiant's privacy and security policies for the use of the HALO Planner. This information applies to both the hosted and embedded HALO Planner.


Privacy + Security

At Lumiant, we take you and your client’s privacy and security seriously. We follow several protocols to ensure that data is kept private at all times and that the only personal information shared is at the approval of the client.

  • Lumiant does not sell or share any data with outside third parties.
  • The HALO Analysis Report is sent directly to the advisor and is private between the advisor and client.
  • Our database uses secure encryption and is fully anonymized. The information is stored according to industry best practices to protect your client’s data.
  • The only personal identifying information (PII) we request is a name and email address so the advisor knows whose report they receive. That data is stored in a separate database from the assessment database for further protection. Your clients, however, can choose to use a nickname, initials, or whatever they feel comfortable sharing – as long as they let the advisor know who’s submitting the assessment.  


If at any time you or a client has questions or concerns, they can reach out to us for additional information at




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