An Advisor’s Snap Shot Guide to Reading a Client’s HALO Report

HALO allows you, the trusted advisor, to initiate critical client conversations when they are often hesitant to discuss such deeply emotional and personal topics. With HALO you can be the voice of reason and a calm assurance for the solution to planning for health care costs in retirement. HALO provides you with the objective, supporting documentation for the recommendations you provide for your clients.
Once a client completes the HALO assessment, you will receive an email with an 8-page analysis of their HALO report. Here is your guide to reading a client’s HALO report.


How a Client’s HALO Report is Organized




A note about the privacy of your clients’ medical information: the questions asked in the HALO
assessment and the subsequent resulting report are generalized and do not included personally sensitive
medical record information.


To continue reading and learn more,  please see our guide; Advisor’s Guide to Reading a Client’s HALO Report 




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