Introducing Surveys - the digital solution to tedious data collection in financial services. With our user-friendly platform, clients can easily provide all necessary information before meetings, allowing for more valuable time spent working together. Surveys automates outbound client communications and surveys, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Simply choose which surveys you want your clients to complete, copy the link, and send - it's that easy! Say goodbye to tedious data entry and hello to streamlined efficiency with Surveys.



What does it do? 

Surveys feature enables advisors to personalize Lumiant surveys for their clients. Instead of sending multiple survey links, you can create a single survey with multiple inclusions in the order you prefer.


As an advisor, you can choose from the following modules to customize the survey for your clients:

  • Your Life: a survey tool that helps lay the groundwork for the Values conversation while collecting information on the client's understanding of the 8 Dimensions of Wellbeing and their current track to living their best life.
  • Your Values: a deep-dive activity that helps clients understand what they truly value in life and connect money to meaning. This survey exercise sets the foundation for the upcoming Values session by allowing the client to pick and rank their top 5 values ready to discuss further with their adviser. Informed choices at key turning points in their lives.
  • Your Goals: extracted from the "Your Life" survey, this module allows for greater customization of your surveys pre-meeting. For example, you may ask clients to fill out their goals and values only.
  • Your Governance: enables clients to begin completing their fact-finding details before the meeting, so you can focus on discussing what matters most during the meeting. You can customize the survey to only ask clients to fill out sections relevant to their situation, bringing all your important hard data gathered across Lumiant's modules into one central place. This module provides a visual representation and single view of all key personal and financial details, such as personal details, income, assets, liabilities, insurance, and estate planning. 
  • Foundations: a short or long stripped-back version of our Governance survey that captures high-level personal and financial details, helping to accelerate what you need and allowing you to achieve flexibility in the Client’s Onboarding and Fact Finding process. *Please note, the Foundations survey will soon help you populate a best life based case scenario. This allows you to model a client's current "on-track" score for retirement and demonstrate the value of working with you to achieve their goals. This is an exciting addition that will be coming in the near future.
  • Investment Preferences (AU only): a digital survey tool that educates the clients on investment principles through bite size videos and then captures their feelings and preferences on how their money is invested and managed through a few simple questions.

How does this benefit my practice?


Surveys allows advisors to create a customized survey link that combines any of the available Lumiant modules in any order you prefer. This personalization empowers you to tailor your advice and optimize your client's journey.

Your clients will receive a personalized URL link and be guided through the survey, completing all the requested information. The system automatically saves their progress after each section, allowing clients to easily resume the survey where they left off.

By using Surveys, financial professionals can simplify their workload and enable clients to provide required information before meetings, making it easier to prepare for client interactions.

How to get started to use Surveys 

Now that you know a little more about Surveys and how this can benefit your practice. Follow on below to learn more more.

How to create the Survey links 

Get ready to create a Surveys link with these simple steps. First, head to your target household and open the Surveys activity panel. Select the surveys you want to include and customize them by toggling extra options on or off. Then, arrange the order of the surveys to your preference by clicking and dragging them up or down using the action button. Finally, click "Create Survey and Copy Link" to generate the survey and copy the link to your desired email template.

Remember to repeat these steps for the other party if it's a joint household. Once you have your link ready, it's time to send it to your client using an email template like this:

Hey there {Client}!

At [insert practice name], we're all about helping you align your finances with your values, so you can live your best life. To better understand where you're at in life and how we can help, we'd love for you to complete a quick survey. It's super easy and takes less than 10 minutes, so don't worry about it being too time-consuming!

Click here to complete your survey.

After you've finished the survey, we'll take a look at your answers and identify areas where we can assist you in reaching your goals. We're thrilled to work with you and help you live your best life!


[Advisor name]

See this in action below:


How to see if a session is active 

To check if your client has an active survey, go to the Surveys activity panel. You will see alerts and messages about the status and progress of your client's survey.

For instance, if the "Client" has an active survey, you will see a message indicating that they need to complete the entire survey before proceeding to the next section. Seen in the example below. On the other hand,  if there is no message, it means that they are ready to start a new survey.

How to update the survey, see where the client is, and help the client finish the survey?

Sometimes your clients need a little nudge, or maybe you're just curious to see how they're getting along with the survey. No worries! You can check on their progress anytime by clicking "Update Survey and Copy Link." This will copy the link, then open an incognito browser and paste it in to see the live session. You'll be able to help your client navigate through any obstacles to complete the session like a pro!

How to commence the Values session from the survey results

Now that your client has finished their survey, it's time to kickstart the next stage! Head over to the Values activity panel and click "resume session" to continue the conversation about their values. You'll be able to access the results of the completed Your Values survey, so you can dive right in and start exploring what really matters to them.



How does Surveys fit into a Lumiant enhanced financial planning experience?

With the launch of Surveys, we wanted to help you understand how it could fit into your current processes. Read our article How Surveys fits in your Lumiant-enhanced financial planning experience

that offeres a few examples of how you can use Your Surveys in various stages of the client's journey. 

Who can I contact for help? 

Need a little assistance or have some queries about using Surveys? Don't worry, Lumiant Support is just a click away!

Simply use the Lumiant Life ring in the platform to ask for help. And if you want to explore more ways that Surveys can enrich your client experience, reach out to your Customer Success representative. They'll be happy to lend a helping hand and offer expert advice.




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