Client’s are now assigned to a primary advisor

Recently, we implemented an update to our platform, allowing you to assign users to specific clients. This means when you log into Lumiant, the clients you will see on your dashboard are the clients that you are managing, ensuring you have easy access to your client book.


How do I change my default view?

When we rolled out the update, we set the user that created the client in Lumiant as the default Primary Professional. The Primary Professional is the client owner and will be the one identified across all Lumiant communications and documentation. 


When logging into Lumiant, advisors will only see the clients that they are the primary professional for. This means they have a clear view and quick access to all the clients they are responsible for. 


So, if you think all your clients have disappeared, don’t fret. They are probably just assigned to the wrong owner, as by default it will be assigned to the person that created the client in Lumiant. At any time, you can change your default view from your client list to ‘Show All Clients’ by toggling the filter and saving this as the default. 

To Change your view to all clients: 

  1. To begin, click on the "Filters" button. This will open a dialog box that contains several filtering options.

  2. Next, select "Show all clients" and click "Save as default" the "apply" to update the default filter.


  3. Once you complete the step above, Lumiant will display all clients associated with the household, regardless of whether you are their primary professional or not.

To change the Primary Professional, practice managers can update this via the workbench, managing one client at a time. Or they can update staff access via Settings → Staff Members → Manage Staff Access.

For more information, visit our Help article here →




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