Here's a quick snapshot of what you need to know

  • We’ve launched a new website and brought Lumiant under one URL - - which can take up to 48 hours to begin operating smoothly for some users. This will largely affect those using, as our redirects may take more time to configure.

  • You should now log in via and click the log-in button. This will automatically redirect you to our application.

  • If you cannot access the log-in page, a temporary fix will be to sign in directly via If this problem persists for longer than 48hrs, please contact support.

  • If you have any bookmarks for pages accessed after the log-in page, these will need to be updated from or to

  • If you use a Lumiant lead magnet - such as the Your Life Survey embedded in your website - or have a branded client sign-in page you will also need to updated from or to

  • For Australian and New Zealand users, if you find previously sent survey links do not work, try changing the link from to We are getting a permanent redirect in place to mitigate this issue. Again, if the problem persists beyond 48hrs, contact support.


The Detail

Overnight, the team at Lumiant launched a new website, with the aim of it becoming a source of useful information that supports you in designing and staging extraordinary experiences for clients. It has also brought the Lumiant family under one URL - - and this will now be our homepage for you all moving forward.


With the launch of the new site, we’ve separated our application from the public website. This means the Lumiant application is now hosted at The changes we had to make typically take 48 hours to process, so there may be some glitches as the internet propagates our new website which will largely impact those who use


However, you should be automatically redirected to the new domain ( when you pass through or But, if you’re experiencing issues, go directly to, select the country you are from, and log in as usual. This issue should be rectified within 48 hrs but should it persist, please contact support.


If you have bookmarks within the Lumiant platform (once you've logged in), these must either be deleted and recreated or updated. They can be updated by changing to


For previously sent survey links, we have put in place a redirect so that your clients are taken directly to our application. However, over the next 48 hours, we may see some issues occur. A quick fix while the website gets into top gear is to change the backend of the URL from to .io. If the problem persists, please contact Support. 


Lastly, for those using our lead magnets, such as the Your Life Survey link embedded on your website, or have a branded client sign-in page we require you to update the URL these are hosted on. Please change these URLs from or to


For those of you that have yet to take advantage of our lead magnets or our branded client sign-in pages, please reach out to your customer success representative and they can get you set up, so you can start capturing more leads directly from your website.


We hope none of you experience any issues as our new website is implemented. However, should anything crop up that is out of the ordinary, please do not hesitate to reach out and we will look to rectify the issue as quickly as possible. 


We thank you for your patience, understanding and support you continue to provide Lumiant. We hope you enjoy the new website and, as always, would love to hear your feedback or suggestions for improvements.




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