Lumiant has introduced the ability for Advisors to send a Your Values survey to their clients. 


Sending the Your Values survey to your clients allows the advisor to understand their clients' values and importance before commencing a Values session. This allows the advisor to spend time in the areas they value most during the discovery meeting. 


To send a Your Values survey to your Client: 

  • Navigate to the Household dashboard and click on the Values activity panel. 
  • Click Copy link for each member of the household.  

  • When creating the Client's unique Values survey URL link, you will be asked if you would like to include or exclude the Client's three things session, which focuses on three big life achievements to prime them to think about past regrets or future aspirations they may have.
  • Click Done, then paste the link into an email template of your choice. Include in your email an explanation to the Client of what you would like them to do and what they can expect. 

  • When the Client clicks the link, they will be presented with an explanation video. 
  • Next, if the three things have been included, the Client will be asked a reflective question to imagine it's their 90th birthday. Looking back, what are the three things they would like to say about their life achievements?
  • The Client will then be presented with the rules for the Values session that they can expect with their advisor.
  • The Client will then be asked to pick their top 5 Values.
  • Then rank their top 5 Values.
  • Once completed, the Client will receive confirmation they have completed the survey.mceclip7.png
  • These results will then become available in the Value session once both household members have completed their surveys, ready for you to jump in and discuss their Values.

Updates have been made to the workbench to provide advisers a better perspective on how

their clients are progressing in their survey. The client workbench has been extended to provide an update on when their clients viewed their survey and what step in the survey they left on allowing the advisor to monitor the status. 


The client Values page displays any active Value session running for the household and
additional action buttons to start a new session or copy link for clients, reducing clicks and enabling the user to have to navigate back to the client workbench.



Value sessions will hold the users ‘last step’. I.e. navigating to the same link will always pick
up from where you left off. Similarly, refreshing a Value survey will hold the current screen


When an advisers resumes the session after a client (or partner) has completed their
individual paths, the adviser journey will begin where the clients ended.




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