Lumiant offers many different avenues of support. This article will walk you through the various kinds of support options we have so that you can be successful with Lumiant. 


Firstly, once you sign in you will see a "Help" Icon on the bottom right-hand corner. This houses a plethora of articles and assistance.  



Help Life Ring 

Clicking on the Help Icon allows you to:

  1. Take a tour of the page your on
  2. Helpful Articles
  3. Go to Lumiant Customer Support or the Resource Center
  4. Ask for Help

Ask for Help

Should at any time you need assistance with the platform or have a question regarding Lumiant you can contact our Support team by clicking "Ask for help" in the Help Life ring. 


Here you can describe your issue or questions and use the camera function to take a screenshot of where you are in the Lumiant platform. 

Please include as much information as possible so our Support team can address your enquiry promptly. 

When ready send the support request to our team. This will create a ticket on your behalf and help track your request and any further communication with our support team until your inquiry is resolved. 



You can access Hints through the Lumiant platform by clicking any of the ( i ) icons. As in the example below simply click on the icon and you will be presented with quick hints and tips. 

Should you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support team. 



You can access the Academy by clicking on your name on the top right and hovering over to the Academy. Courses in the Academy will focus on training financial professionals in our Lumiant Advice Experience. Our approach helps financial professionals rapidly build trusted relationships, demonstrate the value of advice and drive positive outcomes for clients. 



We looking forward to hearing from you!





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