As a practice manager, you will have access to your practice settings where you will be able to update and customise your practice needs in the Lumiant platform. These include: 

  • Business details 
  • Staff settings 
  • Manage client access 
  • White label (if Subscribed) 
  • Risk profiles 
  • Key Advice Areas (Professional Package)

Watch this short video to ensure all your settings are set and correct. 


Or read more here: 

Business details 

Here is where you can access your business detail information. You can view and update both your licensee and practice details. 

Staff settings 

Staff member settings will allow the Practice manager to:

  • View the staff accessing the Lumiant platform 
  • View and edit the staff members' Role
  • View and edit staff members' details (including their email addresses)
  • Manage staff access to households
  • View if your practice has another office, including the staff within the separate office

White label (if Subscribed) 

  1. Click  'White labelling'
  2. Insert your hex colours codes and click 'Save changes'


Risk profiles 

Here you will find the option to create/manage and name your practice risk profiles and the associated asset allocation. 

Simply add or edit the details as needed. 


Key Advice Areas 

Our Key Advice Areas module allows Advice Professionals to demonstrate the value of their advice by linking the client's values and goals to the strategies, The default strategies and key advice areas are configurable per practice. 

To configure, Select Key advice areas.

Here the Practice manager can:

  • Add a Key advice area
  • Edit key advice names and description
  • Edit and delete assigned strategies 
  • Add a strategy

Once these settings are set this will then flow through to the Key advice areas module.




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