In this update, we want to share our product development philosophy to help you better understand how our team operates and what you can expect as we release new features.


At Lumiant, we have adopted a release early, release often mentality to our product development. We aim to be at the forefront of innovation in the financial services industry, ensuring you have the latest technologies to support you in delivering an extraordinary client experience.


We’re lucky to have many forward-thinking, innovative, early adopters in our community. You’ve helped us push the boundaries of what’s possible, as we co-design many new features, modules and enhancements together.


Since launching just over 18 months ago, our platform has gone from three basic modules to now more than 10, with more improvements on the way as we come into the last months of 2022. 


This wouldn’t have been possible without our community of co-designers - our innovation hub, pilot groups, user feedback and a whole range of research and development programs, all with the sole purpose of designing and developing a more engaging advice experience for clients. These programs help to validate or introduce new ways of thinking as we design and enhance our platform.


As we continue to enhance our platform, you will continue to see us launch new features, functionalities and modules. Many of these will start as the foundational building blocks for what we have in mind for the future - a bit like the recent launch of our notifications feature.


The way we describe these updates are a bit like lego blocks. We like to create strong foundations to plug all kinds of capabilities on top, so you are consistently receiving new functionality and added value that you can leverage yourselves and provide to your clients. Your immediate feedback as we iterate helps to improve these features further, allowing us to give you what you need to help your clients live their best lives.

The recent updates to Your Life and Your Values, and the launch of Notifications and Your Governance are perfect examples of this philosophy. Your Life and Your Values are brilliant examples of how we continue to iterate on the strong foundations, while notifications and Your Governance are currently in their initial stages of development. 

Over the next few months, you can expect more new foundational elements, enhancements and iterations as we continue to improve our platform. We humbly ask that you continue to provide us with your feedback through the Lumiant Life Ring. In doing so, we will do our best to get you the latest features fast so you can continue delivering fantastic value to your clients. 




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