What is the Your Life Lead Magnet?

You can access a standalone version of the Your Life module to host on your website or in social posts as a lead magnet.  To do this, Lumiant will produce a unique practice Your Life landing URL link that will be shared with the practice. 

Through the link, prospects can click through to complete the Your Life survey.

Firstly, the prospect will be prompted to enter their details. Once entered, Lumiant will create the 

prospect as a client in the platform.


Next, the prospect will be prompted to complete the Your Life survey and receive their results. 


Once complete, the practice will be notified via email that the prospect has completed the Your Life survey. The practice can then reach out to the client to discuss their scores in more detail. It creates an excellent opportunity to see if they’d be interested in discussing how you can align their finances to what they truly value in life or if they would be suitable for an advice appointment. 


How do I get my practice URL link for the Your Life Landing page

We will create your own unique Your Life URL at your request, simply ask our support team.


I have my Your Life lead magnet URL, now what? 

Once you receive your practice Your Life Landing page URL, remember this can be used by new/prospective clients.

If the client is already in the platform they will receive an error message as the platform recognises that they are already a Lumiant user.

Please test the URL link once receive by our Support team to ensure this works as expected. 

To do this, use a different email to your Lumiant log-in email, the platform will recognise your existing email. Use a personal email or you can sub-address your email to get around this by adding a +1 before the @ symbol.

EG to

Once tested, start to think about how you would like to use your URL link with your Prospect clients. 

Should you need some help with Marketing ideas, blog/social posts or email templates you can access all the Your Life Marketing materials here. 

If you need assistance with adding the Your Life URL link to your website you can find further help here. 

Otherwise, if you need any other Support please contact our Support team by raising a support request. 










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