With Key Advice Areas, you will be able to

  • Summarise the areas of advice in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Have Key Advice Areas represented on your client dashboard for action and validation “at a glance.”
  • Sort Key advice areas that logically make sense to the client experience you want to provide, like focusing on the most urgent areas or the areas most progressed first.
  • Have the active Key Advice Areas prioritised over inactive key advice areas for simplicity of explanation within my client experience.

Your clients will be able to

  • See the areas of advice they are actively working on with their advisor
  • See these areas of advice in the context of the rest of their plan
  • Know what their advisor is a specialist in so they can use their expertise both now and in the future when new needs arise

Our Key Advice Areas module empowers Advice Professionals to showcase the true value of their advice by aligning clients' values and goals with actionable strategies for a fulfilling life. Clients gain valuable insight into how your expertise complements their aspirations. The latest release offers a comprehensive overview, providing a clear understanding of urgent areas in their financial plan and identifying those under control. This fosters engagement and transparency as clients actively participate in achieving their goals while having complete visibility of their plan's action points and their advisor's contributions.


 Key Features of Key Advice Areas

  • Customizable Strategies-  Tailor default strategies and key advice areas to suit your practice. Refer to the guide " Understanding Practice Manager Settings in Lumiant” to learn how.
  •  Action Overview Dashboard- Access an overview dashboard that categorizes advice areas based on urgency: Requires Immediate Action (red), Overdue for Checkup (yellow), and Clean Bill of Health (green). Immediate action areas come with detailed strategy descriptions. The overview dashboard will also highlight advice areas not currently being addressed.
  • Logical Filtering- Utilize various filters to sort advice areas logically, including progress (low to high or high to low), goals (most to least), tasks (most to least), and strategies (most to least).
  • Activate Key Advice Areas- Activate the Key Advice Areas that you have the expertise required to meet your client's goals. 
  • Add Strategies- Define the strategies required to meet client goals, including progress tracking with a progress score, start and end dates, and target amounts.
  • Align Goals and Priorities; Link strategies to clients' captured goals and objectives or add new goals as needed, ensuring alignment with their values and assigning responsible tasks.
  • Dashboard Widget- The Key Advice Areas summary widget is included on the client dashboard. It provides an at-a-glance view of advice areas, ongoing actions, and any unaddressed advice in line with their overall well-being and life metrics.

Take a look below to see the power of Key Advice Areas. 



Discover the power of Configurable Key Advice Areas and elevate your advisory services to new heights. Tailor your approach, empower your clients, and seamlessly track progress for a fulfilling financial journey. Take control of your practice and clients' success with Lumiant's versatile Key Advice Areas feature.

For further reading, check out our guide How to use Key Advice Areas





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