Lumiant has used the Iress Open API to build an integration with Xplan.

Please refer to the following pages to set up the integration:

What the integration will do

The sync will have the below data passed through and mastered from Xplan, reducing the requirement for data re-entry. As these items are mastered in Xplan, any changes made in Lumiant will not pass through to Xplan and will be overridden by the data from Xplan during the next sync, with the exception of goals, which offers a bidirectional sync between Lumiant and Xplan. 

  • Create clients in Lumiant from Xplan
  • Join clients into a Lumiant Household
  • Sync and maintain client personal details from Xplan to Lumiant
    • Title
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Mobile Phone
    • Email
    • Date of Birth
  • Create and maintain Goals 
    • Owner
    • Goal catagory
    • Goal name 
    • Target date 
    • Estimate cost 
    • Goal status (To-do on initial insert) 
  • When a goal is added or modified in Lumiant it syncs in near real-time to Xplan
  • If a goal is added or edited in Xplan it syncs via the overnight Xplan to Lumiant sync

  • Create and maintain insurance policy details
    • Insurance policy type
      • Life
      • Total and Permanent Disability
      • Income Protection
      • Trauma/Critical Illness
      • General Insurance
    • Policy Number
    • Insurer Name
    • Cover Amount $
    • Premium Amount $ and Frequency
    • Policy Ownership


Insurances within Lumiant's Governance module


Insurances within Xplan CRM

Lumiant will immediately create file notes against the clients in Xplan when they have:

  • A Life Survey has been completed
  • A Values session has been completed
  • Investment Preferences has been completed by the client

Lumiant will immediately store PDFs within create file notes against the clients when you have exported a Best Life Plan or Investment Preferences output.

This will ensure you have all your file notes in a centralised place and allow you to commence any workflow in Xplan.


Lumiant will create and store the File Notes on your behalf in Xplan

Adding clients and households

The integration will create clients in Lumiant using their details in Xplan.

  • A primary client in Xplan will be created as the CFO
  • The partner client in Xplan will be created as the non-CFO
  • Client and Partner records in Xplan will be created as a Household in Lumiant.
  • The DOB of the client will be sent to Lumiant

Client contact details

The integration will send the clients' preferred email and preferred mobile number.

Only mobile numbers are taken as they are used for security purposes to use multi-factor authentication.

If an email is not provided then a dummy/placeholder email will be created against the client in Lumiant as it is a mandatory field. The email will be created using the pattern, see the example below.


This reflects the lack of contact details provided for the Partner client (Dr Ayda Khan) in Xplan



Updating Client Details

You can update the client's details in Xplan and it will flow through to Lumiant. It must be done in Xplan is the master of the CRM data and as such as the integration is one way on these fields.

You can change in Lumiant if urgent but it will be overridden by the Xplan data up on the next sync.





The integration will bring any existing Goals from Xplan into Lumaint. You will be able to view the Goals in Lumiants Your Goals module. 

Each goal will be represented by an individual info card. The info card will include:

  • Owner
  • Goal catagory 
  • Goal name 
  • Target date 
    • Only the due date is received as there is no ability to receive the frequency
  • Estimated cost
    • A goal with a negative $ figure (eg -$100k) will also result in a financial goal with a status of "Will have less money"
    • A goal with a positive $ figure (eg $100k) will also result in a financial goal with a status of "Will have more money"
    • A goal with a zero $ figure (eg non financila value) will also result in a non-finacial goal
  • Although Xplan has a Frequency and Capture date field, these are not Xplan Available API fields. As there is no API available for frequency setting, once the correct reoccurrence is set in Lumiant, this will not update if changes are made.
  • Goal status is not an available field in Xplan or the Xplan API, though at Lumiant, we offer a goal status of To-do, Doing, Done; on the initial synch, the goal will be set at To-do, this is only set on insert. 


Personal Insurance Details

The integration will bring any existing insurance from Xplan into Lumiant. You will be able to view the insurances in Lumiant's Your Governance module.

Each type of insurance will be represented by an info card. If the policy has multiple types of cover, each type will have it's own card, however they will be noted as belonging to the same policy number.



Image - Existing insurances in Xplan


Image - Insurance details in Your Governance


Troubleshooting the Integration

Please refer to this diagram to assist with synchronisation issues






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