We know that sometimes a client's adviser might change, or you need to set up a team to manage a particular household. 

Lumiant has rolled out the ability to manage a household's access, allowing you to capture the client's primary professional (or adviser) responsible for a  household and which staff require access to the client.

Managing household access will allow you to:

  • set the Primary professional 
  • set a secondary primary professional if needed 
  • set other professional staff access and their roles
  • capture who manages a particular household 
  • and what team members can access household data

Setting the primary professional is particularly important as this will determine who in the practice can access the client, what role they play and manage which adviser will be printed on the Best Life plan when exported (as seen below). 



To learn more, watch this video below or follow on for simple steps to follow.

To manage household access, follow these simple steps below: 

1. Practice manager to Go to Lumiant

2. Search for your client> then click on the three action dots


3. Click on Manage Household access

Click on Manage household access

4. Click on Team to view who in the team has access to the household

Click on Team (1)

5. Click on Staff Access to add new staff access

Click on Staff access

6. Click on the staff to provide access 

Check Select Row checkbox

7. Select the staff users role by clicking on the chevron to the right

Click on EL…

8. Click on the suitable role option

Click on option

9. Click on Save

Click on Save

10. There will always need to be one Primary professional assigned to the client. To remove the other Primary professional, click delete on the right

Click on cell

11. Click on Delete to remove access

During the client creation, the professional who creates with the client will be deemed the Primary professional; however, if a Support staff user creates the client. The Primary professional will default to the first Adviser/Professional in the practice.  This can then be amended by following the steps above. 

Should you wish to change the role of one of the team members who have access to the client, remove the staff users using the delete option and re-add them using the add staff option with a new role. We are looking at how best to manage role changes in the future and will continue to improve this function. 


 Further reading: 

 To learn more about managing your households, access our guide, How to Segment your Clients in Lumiant







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