Within the Your Life survey sits the ‘Your Connections’ activity. 

We are all social creatures, dependent on connection for a sense of wellbeing and purpose. It is important to understand social links and dependencies if an adviser is able to work with a client to establish a holistic and sustainable strategy.

Your Connections asks clients to map who are important to their lives. Clients are likely to first list those closest to them, such as their family members, friends, and pets. This can begin building out their family tree, and others close to them. 

Advisers can prompt clients to think broader than their immediate circle. They may include organisations, community groups, charities, or schools they wish to support. The circles capture the self, loved ones, community and global.

Your Connections serves a number of objectives; first, to get the client to think deeply about their world and their relationships, second for the adviser to gain an insight into their clients' important relationships, and thirdly as a jumping off point for further discussion. 

By mapping this upfront, clients can visualise the full spectrum of individuals and more that they may wish to contribute to now or in the future.


To include Your Connections, simply toggle on Client connections when sending a Your Life survey to your client. 






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