Connecting your live bank accounts and investment data. 

  1. Login to Your Dashboard: Sign in to your Dashboard and navigate to the Governance module.

  2. Connect Institutions: In the Governance module, you will find the option to "Connect Institutions." Click this button to link your financial accounts and investments.

3. Choose Your Institution: Select your financial institution from the list provided or use the search function to find the institution you want. Click on the required feed.

  • For banking institutions, you have two options:
    • Screen Scraping: This method allows you to extract data directly from the institution's website.
    • CDR (Consumer Data Right): Learn more about the differences between these options here.

4. Follow the Prompts: Once you've made your selection, follow the prompts to connect your institution.


5. Notification of Success: You will receive a notification once the connection is successful.

6. Processing Time: After successful connection, the feed will be placed in the queue for processing. The length of the queue determines how long it takes for the data to become available on the platform. Typically, this process should be completed within minutes of connecting the data.

7. View Linked Institutions: You can now see your linked institutions in the Governance module. A 'Linked' symbol will appear in the top right corner of any linked data from your connection.


8. Note on Data Delay: Please be aware that the units and/or balance of the information in Governance may differ from your current Portfolio Valuation for an investment or bank account. The feeds can be up to 24 hours delayed for banking products and 30 days delayed for mortgage products. This means that the displayed balances reflect the transactions from the previous day and do not account for same-day transactions.




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