Professional Package Guide: Connecting Your Governance with Yodlee

For users of the Professional package, Your Governance enables seamless connections between clients, advisors, and their banking and investment data feeds on the Lumiant platform.

Connecting Data Feeds through Yodlee:

  1. Accessing Your Governance:

    • Log in to the client's Dashboard or instruct the client to do so from home.
    • Navigate to Your Governance.
    • On the screen's right side, click "Connect Institutions."

2. Connecting Data:

  • Select the institution from the list or search for it.
  • Choose the required feed. The client will need to enter their credentials.
  • For non-CDR (open banking) feeds, enter credentials and click "Submit."
  • For CDR open banking feeds, follow the secure method via the financial institution.

3. Confirmation:

  • You will receive a notification once the connection is successful.

4. Processing Data:

  • The connected feed will be processed in a queue, usually taking just a few minutes.
  • Investments, Savings, and Liabilities will be visible in Your Governance, indicated by a 'linked' symbol.

7. Tracking Net Worth:

  • Data will be reflected in the Net Worth module, enabling clients to track their net worth over time.


8. Continued Connectivity:

  • Connect data feeds for all investments, savings, and liabilities to provide comprehensive visibility into the client's net worth.

Addressing Discrepancies:

If you notice discrepancies, particularly in account units, balances, or significant variations beyond recent transactions, consider the following:

  • Data Delay: Feeds may be delayed up to 24 hours, displaying the previous day's balances.
  • Open Banking Users: Clients using open banking connections might encounter balance differences due to the specific time period for data sharing. If discrepancies occur, the client's data feed might have lapsed.
  • Reporting Discrepancies: To resolve issues promptly, report any discrepancies via a support request. Please provide:
    • A screenshot showcasing the problem.
    • A current Portfolio Valuation statement.
    • Specify the incorrect holdings for a swift investigation.

Need Help?

  • Contact our Support team anytime by clicking "Help" on the platform and selecting "Ask for help." Our team will collaborate with Yodlee to resolve any raised issues promptly.







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