There is a known issue affecting holding balances and portfolio valuations on the BT Panorama platform.

We raised the issue with our data feed provider InvestmentLink and they investigated the issue with BT.

Issue Summary

The issue stems from BT's migration from their BT Wrap to BT Panorama platform. During the migration, BT did not move the transaction history. Due to the transaction history not being migrated from BT Wrap to BT Panorama platform, InvestmentLink has no transactions older than June 2021, unless they already had a feed in place for that client/Dealer Group prior to June 2021.

This means that any holdings with transactions going back beyond June 2021 cannot be retrieved by InvestmentLink if there was no feed established by May 2021 or prior.

Data feeds establish prior to June 2021

For Dealer Groups where InvestmentLink was already providing a BT Wrap feed, InvestmentLink kept the existing transaction history prior to June 2021 and cross referenced the old BTWrap account codes to the new Panorama accounts and they can provide full histories for those clients.

Data feeds establish from June 2021

Unfortunately for holdings added after the registry change, InvestmentLink can only provide what BT in turn provides them. They are unable to access transactions for some holdings prior to the date of change, which unfortunately means that the sum of transactions will never match the current unit balance.

We acknowledge the issue and confusion that this may cause you and your clients. However, unfortunately it was a decision made by BT and outside both Lumiant and InvestmentLink’s control.

InvestmentLink will deploy a fix to update the unit balance of holdings to aid in the reporting, providing a sum of the transactions which are incomplete.

If there are any questions please reach out to our support team.




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