To power your client’s ideal future, you need to understand the details within their personal situation. This process is rarely client friendly and even less so for the non-financial spouse.  Quite often this step of the process is often incomplete, requires constant follow up and is unengaging.


Introducing Governance

Lumiant’s Your Governance is everything you need to take control and direction of your clients personal situation. It allows your client to complete the fact finding data prior to the meeting so that you're spending your time wisely. It will also notify you when the client has completed their Governance Survey so that you can review it prior to meeting them. Your Governance is a single spot to understand all the key personal and financial details and structures that will power your ideal future.


Governance allows you to capture all the information in the below table. 

Please watch this video for more information and a tutorial on how to use it. 



Using your governance is as easy as following the headings down the page and adding the details in the section you require.

This can be done by the client logging into Lumiant or by the adviser.

For users on a Professional package, Your Wealth connects to your Governance. Clients can connect their financial institutions to their plans to seamlessly share information and access live aggregation of their data. Data feeds can be connected in both the Your Wealth and Governance Module,  and the data will be integrated into the Governance module. Your Governance houses all of you're clients' personal and financial information. 


1. Go to Lumiant

2. Click on the Client Dashboard


3. Click on Governance

4. Click on the clients Icon to add more client details

5. Fill in required details

6. You can add family members by clicking on +Add new under Family and complete details required. 

7. Once those steps are completed you are able to go through the other options and fill out the details required. 

  • Business or Trust
  • Assets- Financial
  • Assets- Lifestyle
  • Liabilities
  • Income
  • Expense
  • Insurance 
  • Estate Planning 
  • Education Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Charitable Planning 






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