In this exciting episode, Mark is joined by Gavin Spitzner, Founder and President of Wealth Consulting Partners based out of New Jersey.

As well as being a strategic advisor across a breadth of specialties, Gavin has partnered with numerous top 25 U.S. and Global banks, broker-dealers as well as asset managers, RIAs and Fintech/WealthTech firms to develop and implement innovative advisor and client experience solutions leveraging modern technology and processes to improve top and Bottomline business performance. We're also very proud to say Gavin is part of the Lumiant board.

In part 1 of this 2 part series Gavin and Mark discuss:

* The difference between effectiveness & efficiency

* The emerging requirement for hyper personalisation within advice experiences

* How a values based proposition is good business

* The impact of repeatable process and effective data flow on business valuations

* How a differentiated proposition will not only have impact on attracting new clients but also diverse talent to the industry.

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