Mark is joined by Scott Douglas Director and Wealth Specialist from IMFG Corporate Wealth Solutions in Sydney.

Over this 2 part episode, Scott and Mark discuss how Scott has managed changing to a values based experience with his clients, his 10 advisers and his broader business.

In part 1, Scott unpacks a client story where a client was initially resistant to the change to this experience. He covers:

* How he tackled his client's objection, "I'm not going to do this, it's not for me, it's for younger people"

* The power of giving your client an "opt out"

* The impact of demonstrating where there is a divergence in your process for your client

* How the values experience provides balanced discussions for both spouses where there is a dominant spouse, providing voice for the passive spouse in the relationship.

* The impact of connecting goals to the "why" empowering clients to make their decisions

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