Your Vault is our document storage module that will act as a secure digital filing cabinet, where you and your clients can store important documents in relation to their life, legacy and finances

Your Vault has the capability for both the Adviser/practice and clients to be able to upload and share documents to the Vault. 

As an Adviser or Support staff, to share a document with your client you will need to first:

- search the client in your dashboard

- navigate to the Best Life Plan of the client you want to share a document with

- click on Vault



Once you are in the client's Vault you will notice there are numerous folders that the client and advisor can use to house their secure documents. 


To share documents:

- Select the required folder

- Click 'Import file' mceclip0.png

The practice will be presented with an option to share the file with the other party in the household,  sharing the file will be published to both parties' Vault. 

- If you tick the box, it will share the document with both household members. 

- If you untick the box, it will only share the file with a member of the household whose Best Life Plan/Vault you are in. 

Select if you would like to share to document with the spouse (untick if don't want to share). 

Drag and drop the file or click to upload, then 'Save'. 

This will publish the file to the Vault and then be ready for your client to access. 


To learn how your clients can share and publish documents to their Vault, access our guide How do I upload documents to the Vault for my Adviser?

To learn more about the other function of the Vault access our guide Your Vault Guide for Advisers






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