This how-to guide will walk you through all the common functions of the vault and how to manage these, including:

  • Accessing the Best Life Plan 
  • Sharing/uploading a document to Your Vault
  • Managing Files in Your Client's Vault
  • Document Upload Trigger Notifications to Advisor
  • Renaming Files in the Vault
  • Managing Vault Folders as the Practice Manager- Coming Soon!

Accessing the Best Life Plan 

To access a client's Best Life Plan in PDF or Word format and share it with the client, follow these instructions:

  1. Storage and Formats:
    • Best Life Plans are stored in your Vault as Unpublished documents in PDF and DOCX formats.
  2. Review and Publish:
    • Review the PDF document.
    • If satisfied, move it to "Published" to share it with clients.
  3. Access and Distribution:
    • Download or email PDF/DOCX files for editing and client sharing.
  4. Management:
    • Access all Best Life Plans in the Unpublished tab.
    • Publish documents to make them viewable and downloadable by clients.
    • Note:  Currently, there is no function to rename the Best Life Plan files. Additionally, the delete function will only be possible from the unpublished folder. 
  5. Archiving:
    • Archive published plans for version control.
  6. Customisation:
    • Download plans in DOCX format for customisation and integration into client documents.

Sharing/uploading a document to Your Vault

To learn how to upload and share documents with your client vault, follow the instructions below:


To share/upload documents with your clients:

  1. Navigate to the Desired Folder:
    • Once inside the client's Vault, locate the appropriate folder to house your secure documents.
  2. Import and Share:
    • Select the desired folder.
    • Click 'Import file' to begin sharing.
  3. Choose Sharing Options:
    • Tick the box to share the document with both household members.
    • Untick the box to share only with the household member whose Vault you are currently in.
  4. Upload the File:
    • Drag and drop the file into the designated area or click to upload.
  5. Save and Publish:
    • Click 'Save' to publish the file to the Vault.
    • The shared document will now be accessible to your client.


Managing Files in Your Client's Vault

As an advisor, you may need to adjust files in your client's Vault to maintain organized records and clarity. Your Vault provides several capabilities:

  1. File Adjustment:
    • Use the archive and publish options to adjust files uploaded by clients and maintain clean records.
  2. Tabbed Organisation:
    • Organise documents under 'Published' or 'Archived' categories for easy management.
  3. Re-Publishing:
    • Easily re-publish archived documents when needed.
  4. File Deletion or Removal:
    • Delete or remove files that are incorrect, outdated, or require revisions.
  5. File Movement:
    • Move files to correct locations or different categories within the Vault.

To Manage These Adjustments:

  1. Navigate to Client Profile:
    • Click on a client's profile to access their information.
  2. Access Client's Vault Module:
    • Navigate to the client's Vault module to view their files.
  3. Perform Actions on Documents:
    • Locate the specific document in the Vault.
    • Click the ellipsis (three dots) at the end of the document line.
    • Select the desired action: "Archive," "Delete," or "Move Vault File."



Document Upload Trigger Notifications to Advisor 

As an advisor, we understand the importance of staying informed when clients upload documents to their Vault, enabling you to review or utilise the documents promptly.

Email notifications are automatically sent to the client's primary professional each time a document is uploaded directly to the Vault.

Document Upload Email Notifications ensure advisors are promptly notified of document uploads for timely review and action. Advisors will only receive notifications for direct client uploads to the vault, not via governance/foundations surveys.

To learn more about managing household access, refer to our guide on How to manage household access in Lumiant [How-Tos].

Renaming Files in the Vault 

Whether you're an advisor or a client, having clear document names is crucial for easy identification and access. If you find that document names need clarification within the Vault, follow these simple steps to rename them:

  1. Navigate to the Client Profile:
    • Click on the client's profile to access their information.
  2. Access the Client's Vault Module:
    • Navigate to the client's Vault module to view their files.
  3. Edit the File Name:
    • Locate the file you wish to rename.
    • Click on the file name directly in the line to enter edit mode.
  4. Save the New File Name:
    • Type in the new name for the file.
    • Click outside of the text box to save the new file name.
  5. Confirm the Renaming:
    • The file name should now be updated and saved as expected.
    • Note:  Currently, there is no function to rename the Best Life Plan files. 

Managing Vault Folders as the Practice Manager

As the Practice Manager,  you may want to reorganize Vault folders to align with your business language and workflow. Here's how to manage folder names, add new folders, change their order, or delete custom folders:

To Manage Vault Folders:

  1. Navigate to Business Settings:
    • Click the cog icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen.
    • Select "Vault" from the settings menu.
  2. Add a New Vault Folder:
    • Click the "+ Vault Folder" button at the top right of the Vault interface.
    • Enter the name of the new folder.
    • Click "Add" to create the new folder.
  3. Change the Order of Folders:
    • Adjust the order of folders by dragging and dropping them into your preferred sequence on the list.
  4. Rename a Folder:
    • Click on the folder name you wish to rename.
    • Enter the new name for the folder.
    • Click outside the text field to save the new name.
  5. Deleting Custom Folders:
    • You can delete custom folders created by you as the Practice Manager.
    • Note that existing default folders cannot be removed, as they are linked to the Governance survey where clients upload documents. 

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