What would it be worth to your clients to finally answer the question “Am I OK”? Every day? No matter what life throws at them?

Lumiant’s multi-goal optimisation engine, with Monte Carlo simulations, does just that. It enables you and your clients to scenario plan and model their best life. Clients can immediately see if they’re on track, underfunded or overfunded helping them to make better, more informed life decisions.

Best Life gives clients a framework, a vocabulary and a place to help identify what drives them in life. A place to talk about the things that we’re often too busy for or ignore. And, to discover how they can use their money in ways that align with their values and drive greater satisfaction in life. Now that’s a modelling tool I’d use to plan my entire life!

- Answer "Am I Ok?"immediately with live projections to give clients peace of mind
- Let clients test and learn the impact of their choices and provide just-in-time advice
- Show clients the impact of your advice in real-time and simplify complex financial decisions

In this webinar you will learn:
- How Lumiant's Best Life Modelling tool was designed to facilitate conversations around giving your clients confidence they're on track or to facilitate trade off discussions when they are not.
- The features of Best Life including the "On-Track" score and the corresponding Monte Carlo simulation graph
- The technical specs that underpin the Best Life modelling tool
- How the Best Life tool flows within the Lumiant suite of modules




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