To help you understand how to get started with Lumiant, we held a webinar that walked through how to manage clients and the basic functionality of the platform.

If you’re looking for help to get started, check out the recording below, the session will take take you through:

  • Creating new clients
  • Client actions including:
    • Searching a client
    • How to add a partner to a household
    • Updating and editing household details 
    • Identifying and changing who is the CFO 
    • When to raise a support request to manage a client
    • Client Registration
    • Sending the Your Life survey
    • Sending the Investment Preferences survey 
    • Exporting Best Life Plan
    • Accessing this on the Vault 
  • Client Records and what they can access in Best Life Plan
    • Goals and tasks
  • Where to find help and support 





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