Your Vault is a document storage module that will act as a secure digital filing cabinet, where you and share with your Adviser documents in relation to your life, legacy and finances.

The intent for Your Vault is to become the digital filing cabinet for all your  important financial, life and legacy documents.

You can upload your important documents to Your Vault, including retirement, legal, identity, estate planning and other documents relevant to your life.

When you are uploading the document  you can nominate if you would like the share the document your document with your partner also.  

Once uploaded, your documents will be accessible by your adviser. 

Your Vault becomes a more secure and convenient place for you to share sensitive information with your adviser. This means no more email attachments and reduces the threat of phishing attacks. 


To upload a document to Your Vault: 

Log into Your Dashboard, navigate to 'Vault' and click. 



Choose the folder you would like to upload your document to from the folders on the left under 'Vault' then click 'Import file'. 





From here you can choose if you wish to share the document with you partner, if you would prefer to not share with your partner just untick the box. 


Drag and drop the file you wish to upload of 'click'  to access you file options. 

Once you can see the file click 'Save'. 




You will notice that the document is now available and published to your folder. 





If in the future you would like to change who the document is Linked to, Archive the document or Delete the document, this can be managed by clicking the ellipses (...) to offer you these options. 







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