To send a  Your Life or Investment Preferences to your clients you can generate it via the Lumiant platform by accessing activity panels within household's dashboard.

  • To generate and send a survey either click  'Email survey' or 'Copy link' under the relevant activity panel. 
    • 'Email survey' will send the generated survey from the Lumiant platform and direct to the clients email address.
    • 'Copy link' will allow you to copy the link and embed the URL into a custom email of your choice. 



Once the survey has been sent the status will update to the date the survey was sent and 'not started'. The activity panels allow the practice to track the completion of the survey as it updates from 'not started',  'started' then tracking as 'done' once the client completes the survey. 

On the completion of a Your Life or Investment Preferences survey, the practice will get an email notification confirming that the client has completed their survey.  




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