To help keep advisers updated on changes in client survey completion, Lumiant has developed email notifications to keep advisers up to date and on top of survey completion.

Email notifications will now be sent to the practice once a client completes the Your Life survey, Your Values survey or the Investment Preferences survey you have sent to them. Check out this guide on sending surveys to clients for more infomation. 

Once the survey has been sent the status will update to the date the survey was sent and 'not started'. The activity panels allow the practice to track the completion of the survey as it updates from 'not started',  'started' then tracking as 'done' once the client completes the survey. 

On the completion of a Your Life, Values or Investment Preferences survey, the practice will get an email notification confirming that the client has completed their survey.  




The email notification will be sent to the staff member of the practice that holds the relationship with the client. This would be the Adviser or Support staff that 'added' the client (+Add client) or whoever was the the default adviser linked to the client (if it was done via a Bulk Upload request that was submitted to Lumiant). 

Only one email will be sent to the practice as a helpful reminder to notify that the survey is completed. 

If you are experiencing any issue in not receiving email notifications for survey completions, first check with the other staff in the practice that they have not received this. If the email notification is being received by the wrong staff member, reach out to our Support team here at Lumiant by submitting a request, and notify our team to amed and update the relationship so the appropriate staff member can receive the notification. 




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