With the start of a new year comes New Year’s Resolutions. Every year, we set goals we want to achieve and often lose sight of them or give up. This year will be different. Lumiant’s New Year marketing campaign will engage clients and encourage them to map their New Year’s resolutions in Lumiant, with their advisor helping keep them accountable. Key objectives from the campaign include:

  • Capture new leads via Your Life
  • Register and engage existing clients with Lumiant
  • Increase the number of goals tracked per client on Lumiant
  • Encourage clients to participate in a values session
  • Show your clients you care about more than their portfolio

What’s included

  • Emails for new clients
  • Emails for existing clients
  • Blog post
  • Social post
  • Marketing journey

High-level Process


PLEASE NOTE: Clients already on the platform (both registered or unregistered) will require a personalised URL. As they are already in the system, they will not be able to complete the generic URL.




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