What is Your Vault?

Your Vault is a comprehensive digital filing cabinet designed with you in mind; it prioritises security, ensuring that essential financial, life, and legacy documents are securely stored. This secure and convenient space eliminates the need for email attachments, reducing the risk of phishing attacks. You can upload crucial files, such as retirement plans, legal papers, and estate planning documents. You also have the flexibility to selectively grant access to your documents with your partner, ensuring privacy when sharing sensitive information. Your adviser can reciprocate by uploading and sharing relevant documents with household members via Your Vault. Additionally, your adviser can create tasks to help manage your document sharing efficiently.

Key Your Vault features

Your Vault is our safe and organised space for you and your adviser to manage essential documents. Here’s how it benefits you:

  • Document Sharing: Effortlessly share essential documents with your adviser, ensuring the co-creation of a well-informed financial plan tailored to your needs.
  • Secure Sharing: Rest easy knowing documents are transmitted securely, eliminating the need for email attachments and reducing the risk of phishing attacks. 
  • Adviser Notifications: There is no need to duplicate efforts; your adviser will receive timely notifications when you upload documents to Your Vault, allowing them to review them promptly and take any necessary action.
    • Note: Email notifications are triggered only for direct client uploads, not via a governance/foundations survey.
  • File Management: Manage your documents with the ability to rename and move files to maintain accurate, clean, and precise records effectively.
  • Document Storage: Easily locate documents at a glance. Everything is organised and readily available for informed financial planning. 
  • Best Life Plan Management: Access your published Best Life plans directly from Your Vault in PDF or DOCX format.

To learn more about uploading documents to Your Vault for your adviser and exploring the additional features, take a look at our how-to guide. It provides step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to enhance your experience with Your Vault.  




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