Your Vault is our secure document storage between advisers and clients.

Your Vault will allow you to:

  • Consolidate all client-related documents, streamlining meeting planning and ensuring easy access.
  • You can confidently meet compliance requirements with readily available documents.
  • Easily locate and understand documents at a glance, saving time during client interactions.
  • Store and share sensitive documents securely between you and your clients. 
  • Access and publish the Best Life plan directly from Your Vault in PDF and DOCX formats.
  • Manage files to maintain clean and clear client records effectively.

Your Vault also empowers clients to:

  • Clients can effortlessly share essential documents with you, providing a secure and streamlined way to transmit information.
  • Access shared documents easily; everything is organised and readily available.
  • Ensures the co-creation of a well-informed financial plan tailored to their needs.

Key Your Vault features 

Your Vault offers essential functionalities, including:

  • Document Storage:  Provides a secure space for advisers and clients to store crucial life, legacy, and financial documents.
  • Best Life Plan Management:  Advisers can efficiently manage clients’ Best Life Plans directly within Your Vault. This includes storing, publishing, and archiving plans in both PDF and DOCX formats.
  • Document Upload Notifications: Advisers receive timely notifications when clients upload documents to Your Vault. Allowing for prompt review of documents and taking any necessary actions. 
    • Note: Email notifications are triggered only for direct client uploads, not via a governance/foundations survey.
  • File Renaming: Both advisers and clients can rename uploaded files for enhanced clarity and organisation. Clear document identification becomes effortless, streamlining communication. 
    • Note: The file rename function is not currently available for the Best Life Plan files.
  • Folder Recategorization: Adjusting file locations within Your Vault is simple. Whether it’s advisers or clients, they can optimise organisation by easily moving documents to the correct folders.
  • Document Deletion: Advisors have the power to delete uploaded documents. This feature facilitates corrections, updates, or revisions, streamlining workflow efficiency and maintaining accurate records.
  • Folder Renaming:  Practice Managers will soon have the flexibility to customise folder names based on specific workflows and practice nomenclature. Bringing organisation and consistency, making it easier for everyone involved.


Your Vault is a comprehensive digital filing cabinet designed for clients. Your Vault prioritizes security, ensuring that essential financial, life, and legacy documents are securely stored. Clients can upload crucial files, such as retirement plans, legal papers, and estate planning documents. They have the flexibility to selectively grant access to their documents with advisers and partners, ensuring privacy when sharing sensitive information. 

In turn, advisers can reciprocate by uploading and sharing relevant documents with household members via Your Vault. This secure and convenient module eliminates the need for email attachments, reducing the risk of phishing attacks. Additionally, advisers can create tasks in the Your Tasks module to help clients manage document sharing efficiently.

Take a look below at Your Vault

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For comprehensive information on using and managing the functions within your Vault, refer to our guide: How to use Your Vault [Product Guides]

This guide is designed for Practices to navigate and utilise their Vault effectively.





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