What is Your Vault?

Your Vault is your secure document storage between Advisers and Clients.

Your Vault will allow you to:

  • Store and share secure documents between an Adviser and their Client 
  • Acces and publish the Best Life plan in both PDF and docx formats
  • Have file management access to archive files to keep Client records clean and clear

How to use Your Vault

Best Life Plan 

Each time you generate a Best Life Plan for your clients, it will be stored in the Vault as an Unpublished document in PDF and docx formats. You can review the PDF document, and if you are happy with it, you can move it to Published. This will now mean the document is shared with the clients in their Vault to retrieve.

You can download or email the PDF and docx files to yourself. You can then edit the file and send it to your clients.

To generate a Best Life Plan, navigate to the Households dashboard.

Click 'Export Best Life Plan'


Tick on/off preferences and insert a custom message if needed.  

Click 'Send to my email' to generate the Best Life Plan PDF. 


 The Best Life Plan will generate and sent to the Adviser's email. However, this can now be shared to the Vault for clients and Advisers to publish, unpublish, archive, download and email. 

Navigate to the client tab and select access to the Vault module by clicking on 'Vault'. 


All Best Life Plans generated are stored and retrievable in the Best Life Plan Unpublished tab; you can access PDF and docx formats. For your client to be able to view and download the Best Life Plan from their Vault, the document will need to be published. 

To do this, tap the 'three dots' in the table to the right of the document you wish to publish and select publish. The document will move from the 'Unpublished' tab to the 'Published' tab and now be visible to the client. Clients only see published and archived Best Life Plans when they log in.

You can archive any published Best Life Plans to help your client keep up with the most up-to-date version. 


The Vault allows you to download the Best Life Plan in Word format. This enables advisers to customise the Best Life Plan, pull out sections to share with clients or copy into the SOA. 


Publishing a document to Your Vault

Once you are in the client's Vault, you will notice numerous folders the client and advisor can use to house their secure documents. 


To share documents:

  • Select the required folder
  • Click 'Import file.'
  • You will be allowed to share the file with the other party in the household; sharing the file will be published to both parties' Vault. 

    • If you tick the box, it will share the document with both household members.

    • If you untick the box, it will only share the file with a household member whose Best Life Plan/Vault you are in.

  • Drag and drop the file or click to upload, then 'Save'.

  • This will publish the file to the Vault and then be ready for your client to access. 


Archiving and publishing documents

As the advisor, there will be times when you will want to be able to adjust the files in your client's Vault to keep their records clean and clear.

Your Vault will allow you to:

  • Adjust the files your clients upload to keep their records clean and clear, with an archive and publish option. 
  • Have tabbed organization within the Vault and catagorize each document under published or Archived to organize documents accordingly easily. 
  • Re-publish archived documents if needed. 

Your Vault provides file management for advisors and their practice to have some oversight and action related to files uploaded by clients. Archiving and publishing actions to help organize client files, as all files will be kept where clients can locate them, even if an advisor has archived them or otherwise deemed them irrelevant.

Archive a published document.

Published and archived document

How can I remove a document from Your Vault?

Your Vault belongs to the clients themselves.

An Adviser and their Client can archive, publish, and view the archived files. However, only a client can delete a document from their Vault.

Archiving documents is optimal for maintaining version control over your client's files. This ensures that your clients always have access to the most current version. For instance, if changes to the advice scope or amendments are required for a document, you can archive the existing document and upload the new version.

We understand that there might be instances where a document was mistakenly uploaded. If this happens, please contact our Lumiant Support team, who will assist you in removing the document. To contact our Lumiant Support team, click on the Help button on the bottom right-hand corner of your page and 'Ask for help'. 





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